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A gemstone ring may carry your birthstone or it could be a gift representing an important anniversary. Many are chosen as engagement rings.

NB: Diamonds used in gemstone rings: Squires Park purchase only from suppliers who have provided both assurances and guarantees that their diamonds are conflict free and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.
Worn as gemstones by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, Amethyst has been attributed with the power to prevent intoxication, to calm the mind and to heal. A coloured form of the mineral quartz it is mined from various locations around the globe including places as far apart both geographically and climatically as Siberia and Brazil.
A gemstone credited through the ages with a host of benefits but mainly with providing a calming influence or possessing the ability to rejuvenate love in relationships. Sometimes given as a gift from the newly married husband to his wife and frequently as a birthday gift in March.
The name Citrine derives originally from the French for lemon which naturally describes the pale colour of this otherwise transparent gemstone. A variety of Quartz and therefore a durable item of jewellery worn by such famous figures as Hollywood icons Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo. It is said to purify the system and aid circulation, heal the spiritual self and strengthen intellect.
Diamond, the hardest, most precious of all the gemstones. Given as gifts by all manner of people for all manner of reasons on all manner of occasions. To see our diamond ring collections look elsewhere on the site under Diamond Rings or Engagement Rings. Many of our wedding rings also incorporate diamonds and most of our gemstone rings feature precious or semi-precious stones surrounded by smaller diamonds.
Emerald shares a characteristic with Aquamarine insofar as they are both coloured versions of the same mineral - Beryl. Emeralds are mined all over the world but the greatest producer by far is Colombia. Emerald is the birthstone for May.
In reality, Garnet comes in a wide variety of colours, including blues, greens and yellows. For jewellery however, the most frequently seen is the popular and striking gemstone with a characteristic deep red colour and vitreous lustre.
Opals differ from normal minerals in that they are non-crystalline and include a large proportion of water as part of their structure. Precious Opals demonstrate a fascinating play of colour as they are moved around in bright light. This sets them apart from most gemstones, the Romans thought more highly of Opals than any other gemstone.
Naturally occurring pearls are very rare and the giving of a pearl as a gift implies how special, perhaps even unique, you feel the recipient is to you. Real pearls are easy to distinguish from imitations as they have a natural depth and iridescence lacking in the latter.
Peridot is known to have been mined as early as 1500BC and is the National Gem of Egypt. Thought to act as a talisman, protecting the wearer and also aiding health both physical and mental. It is the birthstone for August.
Rubies are precious gemstones made of the same mineral as Sapphires (Corundum). The characteristic deep pink/red colour, reminiscent of heart imagery makes them a very romantic gift. Ruby is the birthstone for July and a popular gift from husband to wife on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary.
Sapphires are precious gems, part of the Corundum family of minerals and can be almost any colour, except for red which then is identified as a Ruby. The classic Sapphire is a deep blue but often one can find pink varieties on sale. The third hardest mineral after Diamond and Moissanite it is said to represent truth, sincerity and nobility. Perhaps the most famous contemporary piece of jewellery being Kate Middleton's engagement ring, previously worn by Princess Diana.
Tanzanite used for the creation of beautiful jewellery is found only in a very small area of around 5 square miles near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. It displays changing colours when rotated in the light, moving through blue, violet and other shades. Relatively new as a sought after gemstone selling well from the 60's onward, the name was coined by the New York luxury goods store Tiffany & Co.

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